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Royal Diamond

Diamond, our English Cream Golden Retriever is in heat.  Her progesterone level tested perfectly.  We are breeding her to Prince Charming for a medium size litter of gorgeous F1 Teddy Bear Goldendoodles.

We are excepting nonrefundable reserve deposits.  To reserve your pick of the litter, Call or text us at 570-396-9199.  Estimated size 35-50 lbs.  Please include size and gender preference with your reservation.
Hurry to save your spot!

*If you would like to see one of their previous puppies look up #diamondspricelesspups or follow auggie_doodle_do on Instagram.



Estimated due date:  Aug. 3, 2023

Estimated Weight:  35 - 50 lbs.

Nonrefundable deposit: $400

Puppy Price:  $1,600 including tax

Your $400 nonrefundable reserve deposit is deducted from the $1,600 puppy price, and the remaining balance of $1,200 is due at your scheduled puppy pickup date VIA CASH ONLY.  (Updated and effective 4/30/22)

Waiting List

Litter ID:  "Diamond's August 2023 Litter"


1st pick -

2nd pick -


1st pick - 

2nd pick - 

*We ask that you pre-schedule your first vet visit for within 2 business days following your scheduled pickup date, and keep your puppy on the 100% satisfaction guaranteed NuVet Vitamins for the first 2 years of life as part of our genetic health guarantee.  The NuVet vitamins are made in the USA and are packed with the best nutrition on the market giving your new addition to your family the best chance at living a long healthy life.  Click on the NuVet tab to order.


Click the "OUR DOGS" tab above for more info on parents.

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